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Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Clixsense - worth upgrading! | paidtoclickwebsites4u

Just a quick note, since I posted yesterday, I decided to upgrade my Clixsense account to Premium at a cost of $10. As soon as I did, I had over 450 ads available to click! I'clicked all evening and have been clicking all morning, and I still have over 200 to go! Last time I checked, I think my balance was up to $5.55! I think it is definently worth upgrading if you join. If I get all those 450 ads, that almost pays for half the upgrade costs, and I will continue to have more ads in the future. But just by getting through this batch, it should bring my total earned with them to almost $8.00 in about a month! This is also with no referrals (well I had two, but one cancelled and one is inactive, but I did have someone sign up under me yesterday so they don't really count yet!). By upgrading, I think I should be able to cash out at the $10 minium every month! If you haven't joined Clixsense yet, do it! I don't think you'll be dissappointed!

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